How I Managed My Refrigerator

managed my refrigerator

It all started when a blogger friend of mine, Erin, mailed me something about managed my refrigerator, cause she offered to, cause we don’t use chemicals in our house to clean things anymore. This post is not a Shaklee promo, by the way, I just NEED to tell you, that I mixed the concentrate with … Read more

When I Shall Return to Dust from My Life

return to dust from my life

My grandmother passed away on December 4, 2012, just a few short months ago. I can still envision her frail, thin, skeleton-like frame lying motionless in her hospice bed, her wide eyes and the tears in them as she recognizes me. I can hear the sound of my voice, leaning in close to her ear, whispering … Read more

Top Organizing Bloggers Family Room Tour

Bloggers Family Room Tour

Welcome to the November Tour of Organizing Bloggers Living and Family Rooms! (See last month’s tour of our KITCHENS.) As a professional organizer, I am excited to share both my love of organizing with you and the creatively frugal ideas that I use to keep my sanity in my own home simply. Maybe you can … Read more

How To Decorate with Shutters for Home Decor

Decorate with Shutters

If you haven’t done this, please enter my Welcome, Autumn! Give-Away. Decorate with shutters to enhance your home decoration. A visit to our Greenville, SC, Habitat for Humanity ReStore had me thinking of the many ways that shutters can add cottage charm and instant interest to our homes. Here are some ideas on how to … Read more

How To Organize Your Favorite Household

Organize Your Favorite Household

Today, I am teaming up with some of my best-organizing blogging buddies to share with you all of our favorite household organizing helpers. We’ve all gathered quite a few simple and creative ideas for you! How to organize your favorite household. Let’s start with the items I find most helpful in my home. BASKETSThey come … Read more

Soft Chocolate Almond Biscotti Recipe

chocolate almond biscotti recipe

This chocolate almond biscotti recipe is baked shorter, making it softer than the traditional version. These are easy to make, and the recipe makes about 16 large pieces, which you could probably cut in half (to equal the “normal” sized ones you may have come into contact with). I don’t cut them in half because … Read more

Best Organizing Solution for a Walk-In Pantry

solution for a walk in pantry

My dearest friend, Wanda (whom I have known for 14 years), has one of the coolest pantries in town, and she also has the best organizing solution for a walk-in Pantry. Not only is it a walk-in room with a regular door, she had it designed so that the side that faces her kitchen (which … Read more