Best Organizing Solution for a Walk-In Pantry

My dearest friend, Wanda (whom I have known for 14 years), has one of the coolest pantries in town, and she also has the best organizing solution for a walk-in Pantry.

Not only is it a walk-in room with a regular door, she had it designed so that the side that faces her kitchen (which normally would be a wall) opens with two more sets of bifold doors so she and her family can access those every day items they need while cooking or heading out the door for another adventure. She desired a system to maximize the storage she was already blessed with.

In the course of an afternoon, I implemented several organizing solutions:

Minimize items by elimination. Keep the best of the best of something and donate the others
Group ingredients. Store items of similar type, size and shape together to make them easy to locate.
Categorize for for efficiency. Items were arranged by size and frequency of use. Large items in bins on the floor and daily use items at arm’s reach.

Store transparently. Most every staple that is commonly used was removed from the manufacturer’s and store packaging and put into the clear Tupperware containers. Loose packets, bags of nuts/chips (etc.), and individual snacks are easily accessed without rummaging through all the food.

Rethink location. Are there things in your pantry taking up prime real estate space that could go in the garage or another closet (mop/broom/vacuum) or under the sink (trashcan/extra bags)? Move them.
Utilize hooks. Hang store shopping bags, aprons, potholders. Anticipate restocking. Keep a shopping list on the refrigerator door to immediately add items as you need them.

I hope this blog organizing solution for a walk In pantry help you.

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