Tips for Transforming a Vacant Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is one of the spaces in your house on which buyers cast a keen and discerning eye.
They need to know if this room is big enough, bright enough, quiet enough, and cozy enough.
In a vacant home, this room NEEDS to be staged. Without cozy, you may get no contract. Let’s see some tips for transforming a vacant master bedroom.

See what I mean?
This room, as shown online, before I staged it, could translate into any another room in the home.
Is this a dining room? Living room? Office? Don’t let house hunters wonder what a room’s purpose is.
If you have no bed (because you are now using it in your new place, or you can’t fit it into or even LIFT it into your car), do what I do:

Make a base (boxspring size to fit the mattress) of these.
(About 8-10 boxes.)

Here are some tips for transforming a vacant master bedroom:

You don’t need fancy bed linens either to get a layered look. In fact, this bed’s layers consist of a fitted sheet, throw, two pillows with shams, three throw pillows, and three curtain panels! and some rooms don’t have a fancy dresser/bureau set. But it does have a sitting area.

The two arm chairs from the dining room and a foyer table makes a spot to relax. Some of my “props” are lamps, rugs, vases, greenery, throws. Props are home decor items (furniture and accessories) that stagers use
to help a house feel like a home.

The fruit, florals, and food on the bed tray are faux, fake, and phony. I got them at Hobby Lobby. I also added some tea bags to the teapot. If possible, while showing, leave the blinds/shutters/curtains open to let the light in.

I always leave a few empty hangers in closets to suggest plenty of room for more clothing.
After staging the room and the rest of the house attached to this room, this house got four offers in 34 days!
(It had previously been on the market for six months!)

  • Other ideas for staging a vacant Master Bedroom:
  • You don’t NEED nightstands. Those round wooden tables with three screw-in legs and a round tablecloth are also perfect for a bedside table.
  • Add a large mirror and try to place it across from a window. This suggests spaciousness.
  • Add simple large silk plants.
  • Always, always, always make sure there are alternative lighting sources besides the light on the ceiling or ceiling fan. Keep them on for showings.
  • Always add a chair to the room, preferably near a window.
  • A bed tray with a magazine, a few mugs, and cloth napkins are necessary.
  • An open book with a pair of spectacles on a night table is a nice touch, too.

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