24 whimsical Ways to Use Vintage China and Silverplate

As I frequent Goodwill, yard and estate sales, I see a lot of the same types of items. Two of these are old silver (silverplate or sterling) and china or ironstone. Let’s talk about 24 fanciful ways to use vintage china and silverplate.

Sometimes when I am standing in someone’s garage sorting through their former belongings and I spot an ironstone plate stand, soup tureen, or silver tray that I like, it’s hard to think of where I am going to use this vintage china and silverplate, at that moment.

But, I buy it anyway, knowing that I’ll find a spot for it.
Half the fun in the finding, is inventing ways to render it useful, doncha think?

After last week’s trip to a thrift store that was over-loaded with china and silver,
I remembered the idea file I have had on my hard drive (for years!) and found a plethora
(word of the day) of ideas for how to add charm to your home with these finds.
Maybe you can use some of these ideas?

  • Domes, cloches, cake plate covers at the buffet. Yum!
  • I believe this bathroom was on Rate My Space.
  • Group pieces for more interest and impact.
  • A baby shower buffet, pink and vintage!
  • Keep those utensils handy!
  • Cute and clever cart storage.
  • Cake Pedestal #1
  • Cake Pedestal #2 (Coffee Station I created for a client).
  • Isn’t this gorgeousness?
  • Makeup brushes in a pedestal dish.
  • Corral the cups.
  • So, the next time you spy something (cute and budget-friendly) you like and are unsure what to do with it,
  • buy it anyway and have fun inventing and creating ways to add it to your home.
  • What are some uncommon or unusual ways YOU use china or silver pieces?

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