Nine Ways to Use a Cake Stand, Plate, or Pedestal {for something other than cake}

Nine Ways to Use a Cake Stand, Plate, or Pedestal for wedding celebration

I’ve been preparing our home for yet another wedding celebration in a few weeks. This time it’s a reception on our veranda and front lawn. I used to make cakes (and cater), but it’s been a long timeā€¦ however,
the bride (whom I’ve know since she was six years old!!) asked me to make her cakes. (There will be one triple-tiered one and 3 other triple-layered cakes.) The cakes will be displayed on my vintage cake plates and stands.

While I was baking, I thought about all the other cool way that these lovelies could be utilized.
And I searched and found some!

Here they are:


Coffee Table Collection

Sprinkles Spinner

Fresh Fruit Stand

Beauty Basics Close-at-Hand

Crafting Containers

Holiday Baubles

Tea Time

Picnic Condiment Cluster

Warm Candle Glow

So, get your cake stand out of the cupboards, hutches, and other things! What can you organize or make pretty with a pedestal today?

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