How I Organize My Seasonal Decor

Am I the only one with too many Christmas/Autumn/Spring decorations? I love to organize my seasonal decor. Do any of you have more than one box of decorations? I sure hope so. Cuz I would feel like a hoarder.

This is my dining room post-Christmastime last year. Notice the PEACE sign hanging on the mirror. How ironic.

But, after I sort and purge (donate extras or items that haven’t been used awhile) order and peace are restored and here’s how I do it. Here how I organize my seasonal decor house:

  1. I get out my handy dandy pop-up Rubbermaid spring bag/cans.
    (Out in the foyer.)
    In these, I put the donateables.
    Before I put the decor in the pop-up cans, and into the back of my car, I laid out all of the stuff on the floor to show you how much stuff I donated.
    In the pile is a Christmas village, miles of garland, red outside bows, a faux poinsettia, Peace and Joy pillows, a tablecloth, tree skirt, towels, gift boxes.
    (The glitter houses under the cloches on the dresser are safe. Still here.)
  2. I get these cans into the back of my car and over to the Salvation Army.
  3. I round up all the gift wrapping supplies and get them into their Rubbermaid Gift Wrap Storage Organizer that I found at WalMart years ago. I {heart} it.
    If you do not have one of these to contain and sort your wrapping stuff, GURL, you NEED one.
  4. While all the Christmas things are out in the open, I take the opportunity to sort and purge my other seasonal decor.
    The Autumn and Spring boxes are also stored with the Christmas boxes.
  5. Then I sorted and placed all the Christmas pretties back in their boxes, too.
  6. Each box is numbered, and as I put items in their boxes, I write down what’s in each box.
    Why? So, I can decorate in small chunks of time, or certain rooms at a time.
    It is easier to take down only a box or two at at time, knowing what is in the box, and not have the chaos of digging through every box’s contents just to find my vintage flocked birds and ornament hooks. (I don’t usually type this up and give it a title and a border– but for blogging purposes, smile this was neater than showing you my scrawling on some college-lined notebook paper which I file in my Holidays folder in my office.)
    By the time I finished this project, it was evening. And the PEACE is once again restored to the dining room. Now the boxes are ready to be stored away till next year.
  7. The numbered boxes get hoisted up into this fantastical garage overhead shelving.
    It’s called HyLoft.
    And I {heart} this, too.
    Mark installed two sets above our cars.
    It needs to be accessed by a ladder, so I need to make sure the individual boxes aren’t TOO heavy, so I can fetch them myself when I need them.

We love having instant retrieval of the containers and that they don’t take up precious floor space in our basement or garage floor.

  1. I sit and have a cup of tea.
    Okay, the whole pot.
    What’s your organizational system look like?

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